månadsarkiv: oktober 2014

Halloween 8!!!!!

Happy Halloween!
Sista kapitlet!!!
Jag är faktist lite spänd skälv, även fast det är jag som skriver! 😀
Well well, here it comes!

”He’s a ghost just like I am” my mothers words walked straight to my heart and stopped there, it wasn’t the words about that there were ghosts that make me scared, it was the words about that there were both ded. Then I understand the word GHOST.
”Are you to ghosts?” My question was small and scared and I became more scared when I hear the answer.
”Yes love, WE ARE GHOSTS! Mohaha”
”Thats awesome!” I’d tryed to sound like someone that haven’t discovered that there parents were ded the second before.
”No, it’s not awesome Michell, because of were going to do what every ghost have to do!” Said my mother and my father walked further to me and in his hands he hold a knife. But I’m lucky, I was ded before I could feel the pain!

Halloween 7!

Spända på fortsättningen?
Vad är pappan för något egentligen?
Ja frågorna är fortfarande många men hur många svar kan det egentligen finnas?

”Yes love, yes I’m a…”
”Your a…? What are you?”
”He’s a ghost!” Both my father and I jumped high when we were hearing a voice from an unexpected direction. My mother were sitting up in the bed, but it was something that wasn’t right. She sat up but the body were still liying down.
”He’s a ghost, just like I am!”

Halloween 6!

Nu börjar det dra ihop sig, tre kapitel kvar, vad kommer att hända? Vem ät det egentligen som berättar? Vem är ”jag”? Vad har hänt med pappan?
Ja det är många frågor med många svar, vi kanske får reda på någon detta kapitel!

I sat there and first I didn’t reacted, I mean, he was my father, nothing strange with that! Then I remember, the doctors had said that he already was ded. I thought that the, against the odds, had woked him up again. I ran to him but when I where going to give him a hug, the flow through, it feels like cold, really cold, water.
I stopped in the middle of a step and just looked at him.
”Yes” he said, ”yes I’m a… ”
To be continued… !

Halloween 5!

Tjena mors!
Nu kommer del fem på The Halloween Story!

I didn’t know what I was sopose to do, it just feel so, I don’t know, not real. I mean first comes my father home with my mother unconscious, then I found a bloody knife on the outdoor stair, then I found my father covered by blood and now HE is liyng on my knee, unconscious!
I grabed my phone that was lying in my pocket and called 911. The ambulance come but they said that he was already ded, but with more nice words. I completely blacked out and the memory didn’t comed back before I sat on the hospital beside my unconscious mother and talked to her. Then the door opened and in comes… daddy!

Halloween 4!

Hej igen!

Tänkte bara lägga ut kapitel 4 på min halloween berättelse.
Here it comes!

I walked to him a bit careful because I didn’t know what he was sopose to do. His shirt was broken and it come blood from a huge wound from the back of his right ear. The hair didn’t was so stylish that it used to be. The shining was gone!
I sat next to him, and before I’d knew it, he lied into my knee… unconscious!

Halloween kapitel 3!

Hej igen!
Tänkte att jag skulle lägga ut nästa del i min Halloweenberättelse.
Här kommer den:

…I’d walked back inside and get a pair of gloves and a small plastic bag before I walked outside again. I picked up the knife with the gloves and put it in the plastic bag. Then I’d walked back in to the kitschen and put the stuff on the table.
I’d started searching into the block where I live but I couldn’t find him, he was totally gone! I’d continue walking and come, after a while, to a big forest. It was a bit scary but I thought that it was worth it, he was actially my father!
But I didn’t had to search for him for a such of long time, I found him rather quickly, sitting with his back into a huge rock, covered by blood… to be continued!

Halloween kapitel 2

Fortsättning från igår, vi fortsätter på halloween temat och engelskan!
Här kommer den:

…I stood there with my mother in my arms and a now red carpet and looked out in the night and the place there my father were standing for 2 minutes ago! I didn’t know what I was sopose to do and I stood like that for two more minutes before the chock has left. Then I thought what I was sopose to do, I bring mommy to the couch and lay her down with a lots of pillows under her feets so the blood could come down to the head. Then I called 199. The abulance come and took my mother to the hospital. I went outside to search for my father. But when I went outside I saw, on the botom of the stair, that it was liyng a knife there. A knife covered with blood, the blood had the same tone that my mothers!



Såhär nu när det börjar bli halloween så tänkte jag skriva en story om en halloweenkväll (den jag skrev har jag tack och lov inte varit med om själv). Jag lyckades få ihop någonting på engelskan idag och jag skriver den här på engelska, för orginalspråkets skull!
Här kommer den:

I heard the raindrops hit the window but I could`t see them, it was to dark. I was home alone on the halloweenday. My mother and father was gone on a dinner with friends. I heard someone knocking on the door and I hoped it was mommy and daddy. But the hope died when I opened the door, it wasn`t mother and father, it was on of the bloc`s snoring kids!
I gives him his candy and looked at the card, it was a white paper with two red and blue dots in the middle. I throw it with the rest of the garbage when he was gone! I has nearly sit on the couch when it was knocking on the door again. I thought it was another kid in a ridicules costume that wanted candy for an ugly drawing so I took the candy bowl with me when I opened the door. There, in the rain, stood daddy with my mother in his arms. A big red line where running from her left shoulder down to the hand and it came blood from it and maked the carpet red.
”Whats happened?”, I asked.
”Here, take her!”, said my father and throw her into my arms.
”But what…?”, I could´t say anymore, he was already gone!

Hej världen!

Jag är en tjej med stort intresse för vårt och andras språk och hur språket har förmågan att färdas från tanken, ner genom pennan och ut på papperet.

Jag hoppas att ni är med och följer mig när jag kommer lägga ut texter här. Skriv gärna kommentarer om vad ni tycker, var det bra? Vad går att förbättra? Skriv helst inga taskiga kommentarer, det gör ingen nytta! Jag kommer att ta bort dem så fort jag kan!